Battling the blahs and blergs

(alternate title: Dealing with douch-bags – patience please!!)

I got a text yesterday:

“I have been in a collision.”

6 words that stopped my heart for a moment and then started a whirlwind of panic in the pit my stomach. It turns out that everything is fine, no one was injured, minor damages, and now all that remains of the fear and the rage is frustration. This situation was completely preventable by just one guy in a fancy car just a little bit better, just a tiny fraction less of a reckless dick.

How do you get over the frustration about people just being douche bags? In this situation, I am lucky that everyone was OK, so I can channel my emotional energy into general annoyance that comes from a completely unnecessary, avoidable situation. A situation that has derailed my productivity and meant that I was destined to spend my morning on the phone with my insurance company, talking to adjustors, getting estimates, and providing reports and things. Not fun at all.

Sometimes, there is a small little thrill from doing responsible adult things – that ounce of smugness you can bequeath upon yourself when you floss, plant grass seed, purchase business-appropriate attire, or make it through a whole day in pantyhose without destroying them. There is NO joy derived from submitting a claim to your insurance provide after a completely pointless crash. Not even a tiny spark.

This experience also adds one more pointed stick to the handful that has been nudging me out of the sprawling suburbs to the downtown life where I can wish my car sayonara and become one of the proud Ottawans/Ottawites who meet their transportation needs by foot, wheel, or bus. Maybe someday.

So for today, I am going to take a deep breath, whisper a prayer of gratitude that this was not much worse, and try cultivate patience for people and things that fall short of my expectations. Wish me luck.


Tiny lovely observations:

A few points from outside the mean of daily life; a sparkle that darts out of the standard deviation and dares to make life a tiny bit more beautiful.

It has been a while since I shared a couple lovely bits that make life a bit better. I think it is particularly pertinent on a dreary day like today, when I am struggling with the blahs and blergs.

1. I am “unapologetic” about how much I love my most recent Revlon matte colourbalm lipstick. I have worn it for the last 3 work days and am a little bit obsessed.

Ignore the exhaustion in my eyes and check out this colour!! Unapologetic about my obsession.

2. Sushi lunch with a coworker. Nothing like perfectly made avocado rolls to add a punch of awesome to your afternoon. (Thanks Brit!)

3. Looking forward to the weekend, where I will get to see an dear pal tie the knot (Cheryl!!). I am super excited for her and her hubby-to-be and am sure their wedding will be lovely, but I also giggled a lot at these wedding fails  courtesy of mother nature.



2 thoughts on “Battling the blahs and blergs

  1. Glad to hear no great physical harm to anyone. I love your way with words and think you do many “grown up” things well and with accomplishment. Be good, bike lots and come to Orillia some day so we can go for a 10?km run. (I’m not there yet but maybe in a number of weeks)


    1. Thanks Uncle Albert! While “adulting” can be a struggle some times, I think I can put on a pretty good show some days. And YES! Orillia sounds awesome, as long as there is some porch sitting and lake watching after the run. Hope all is well with you!


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