Procrastination round-up

I am in the thick of it with Nessie. She continues to haunt my dreams and consume my waking thoughts. As I am wired to only think about bikes, coffee, and epidemiology right now, these little things made my heart smile.

An important thing I learned this week (in addition to learning how to properly cut a cake, which will come in handy when/if I ever have time to bake again), I learned the more critical fact that pie charts are called cheese charts in France (more specifically  “le camembert” after the cheese or sometimes “un diagramme en fromage” (cheese diagram).

Figure 1: Proportion of thoughts, by topic
Figure 1: Un diagramme en fromage showing proportion of thoughts,       by topic, 2014


I am also starting to work on my thesis draft, which involves wrangling and accounting for my charts, tables, figures, and appendices. I am very tempted to include this as figures 1 and 2.

Well, I have procrastinated enough for one morning. Perhaps it is time for me to pound some coffee and get to work.

Happy Sunday indeed.

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