Adventure commence! (Day 1 & 2)

No more meetings No more stats No more Nessie’s dirty looks.

It’s adventure time!! Woohoo!! All our paniers packed, gear checked, beef jerky purchased, and route set, we were ready to go on this great big adventure that we have been anticipating for what seems like forever!

Champion breakfast of quail eggs, g-free waffles, and OJ.


Day 1: Ottawa – Papineauville (84km)

We started from my house, in the south end of Ottawa, swiftly cruising to campus for a brief pitstop (for me, a brusk “reality” check from a brilliant and intimidating biostatistician regarding my thesis project, for L, a quick nap on the grassy knoll and a cup of coffee), we were ready to roll!

The babes and their bikes
The babes and their bikes

Things were rolling pretty well. We were cursing down the beautiful bike paths of Ottawa, I was having some minor issues with my derailliers (since I was not able to get into a bike shop to get a tune up. Side rant: Ottawa needs more bike mechanics! A week before my trip, I called 4 bike shops in the city, and the average wait time for a tune up was 3 weeks. Three weeks! This is outrageous!!).

Unfortunately, moments after leaving Ottawa my tire exploded. No exaggeration. Literally within a minute of crossing the bridge into Gatineau, my front tire BLEW up. It actually went KAPOW and KABOOM like in comic books. Luckily, it was directly beside two helpful cyclists who pointed me towards the Maison du vélo where a couple helpful fellows helped me replace my tire. Unfortunately, my spare tube got pinched during this process, causing yet another flat. Back off, put on a patch, tire back on, patch didn’t hold. The helpful gents stole a tube from an old bike, threw it in, and sent me on my way to Pecco’s to replace the tire (which had been shredded in the whole tire explosion process.

Bike wheel surgery courtesy of the Maison du vélo

Only a few hours, 2 iced coffees, and a bag of cookies for our Maison du vélo friends later, we were on our way once more. We took the 148 directly east, which turned out to be a really terrific route. Paved shoulders the whole way and plenty of scenic and interesting things to see along the way.

GREAT lanes and cycling infrastructure along the Route Verte. Bike paths, paved shoulders, and lots of paint at intersections.
One example of the charming and strange things we saw along the way.


We found  super groovy spot in the woods to cook our meal by the water and hang our hammocks. Unfortunately, we walked through a patch of poison ivy to get to this spot, which continues to harass us more than a week later.

Our awesome meal of gluten-free pasta, rehydrated veg, rehydrated pasta sauce, and TVP. Turned out to be the perfect meal to fuel my journey (and I proceeded to have it pretty much every night thereafter).
Lady Lisa setting up her floating bed for the night.



Day 2: Papineaville – Lachute (86km)

The next day dawned beautiful and picturesque – another sunny morning. We packed up and hit the road, cycling a few km to our picturesque breakfast spot.

Lisa testing the muddy banks for a water drawing spot.
Me and my buddy on the road
Having a little rest beside a convenience store

The day was super hot, an unfortunately, Lisa heat stroked out, so we decided to cut our day short and hole up in a hotel room in Lachute so she could cover her body with cold water and let her brain un-swell from the heat. After a long chat, we decided the best option would be for me to continue on the route alone and Lisa would head back toward home, where my dear bf would pick her up and bring her home.

So our best buddies bicyclette adventuré came to an untimely end, but that meant that my solo adventure was just beginning. I felt a little bit sad to part ways with my buddy, a little bit scared to go it alone, but also excited for the next leg of this journey.

Route map:

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.59.16 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.27.46 PM

3 thoughts on “Adventure commence! (Day 1 & 2)

    1. Thanks sis! I am really digging this new 35mm lens that Mike got for me. It is really fun to take pictures with!


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