Le P’tit Train du Nord (Day 3 continued)

I have heard so much about the “incredible” rail trail in Quebec, I was really thrilled to finally get a chance to ride it!

As you saw from my earlier route post, I met up with Le P’tit Train du Nord in Val David, so I didn’t start at the beginning, but the plan it to ride this train all the way north to Mont-Laurier. I was pretty excited about the prospect the next couple days of cycling with no cars and nary a care.

All the internets told me that is one of the best rail trails EVER. No cars, just scenic cruising all the way north. Those things were true. The route was beautiful and remarkably flat, considering you are actually making your way through the Laurentians.


Unfortunately, I am apparently very bad at reading and understanding route maps, as I had mis-interpreted the route to believe that it was paved. It is not. The southern half is “crushed gravel” which means my fully loaded 700x23c skinny road bike tires were less than ideal for the terrain, particularly the sections that had sandy fill. However, for the most part, the path is really packed down, so for the most part, it is rideable for bikes of all types, although, hybrids would probably find this route the most comfortable.

That not withstanding, the P’tit Train is DELIGHTFUL! In addition to the lovely scenery, they preserved the CPR stations and they are now charming rest stations, which sell various delicious things, dispense information, and display some historical artifacts and photos.



I continued up the P’tit Train until I found a primo spot to hang my hammock, but wanted to share a couple more pics of the trail and my pretty bicycle.






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