App obsession: #partyparty

In very important news, I just downloaded the new Partyparty app, from A Beautiful Mess, and I am quite obsessed.

I have been following their delightful blog for years (!) now, and have loved seeing their company grow and change, as I feel like everything they do makes little corners of life a bit more beautiful.

Well, they have just launched a new app in the Apple app store (see their post about it here).

Now I can make GIFs!

photo 3
only a few more hours of work until the weekend!!!

Photobooth strips!

photo 4
Starbucks party with Brit

And fun collages!

New Image
The most necessary for excessive selfie creation
Extra fun when your super gorgy friends send you pictures too!!! <3
Extra fun when your super gorgy friends send you pictures too!!! ❤

Oh, the possibilities! This is going to be death to my Camera Roll storage but will bring great joy to my life.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “App obsession: #partyparty

  1. 22 – the number of photos of you in this blog post.

    Also, your new ability to make gif’s is pretty cool.


  2. Jennifer the first pic where u are really smiling than looking a bit more miserable perhaps is the perfect image to illustrate our “I am getting a job! wait! I am not getting a job!” Daily turbulence.


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