Journey to HEL

And I am off!


Eurotrip 2014 has officially begun with as much class and grace as I can muster. Meaning, more specifically, I awoke the morning of my trip with the requisite mental blur that accompanies celebrating the marriage (!!) of a lovely friend to her equally terrific partner (read: open bar, Photo Booth, and dancing until the lights came on), but obviously completely worth it as evidenced by these terrific pictures:


Thankfully Cat Facts, our driver, was in a bit better shape than the nappiest nappers.

STRUGGLES. Revived only by excessive amounts of Chinese food and cat cuddles.

Once a quasi-human state was achieved through (arguably) nutritious food and basic general cleanliness, Syd drove me to the airport and I was on my merry way.


There was a marvellous sunset while I waited for my flight (above). It was truly spectacular.

Very tempted to get the September issue, but it is 4.5 pounds, which would definitely make my carry-on overweight.
I was very tempted to get the September issue, but it is 4.5 pounds, which would definitely make my carry-on overweight.

Finnair was rather marvy! What a merry colour scheme for the cozy blankets, napkins, and cups. Sister Karen – you would be very pleased with the provisions on this flight.


Ready for naps. Also, as  general life rule, I want to start wearing a sticker at all times that reads “Please wake up for meals.”DSC_5297

I also FINALLY caved and bought a travel pillow. Don’t worry, Karen, as you can see it is inflatable, so would ALMOST be acceptable by your lightweight standards. Turns out there is a reason travellers from all over the world proudly wear these dorky accessories. IMG_9509

I got some solid napping done, right through the landing, bringing me to the land of the tall, slender, and lovely Finnish people (unless they just keep the airport stocked with the most beautiful ones in order to perpetuate the Scandinavian stereotypes).

So far, Helsinki looks like this:

Same thing, different continent. If you just imagine Ms Sheena is sitting next to me and it is my typical Monday afternoon (except I am in Europe!). You can get the grad student out of the country…

I PROMISE I will finish my presentation before the conference and then only do fun things.

The HEL airport is actually kinda cool with all kinds of “arctic landscape inspired” art and other delightful things:





Hei hei,


3 thoughts on “Journey to HEL

  1. Hooray to happy arrivals and successful nappings. I am very impressed with your nap set-up and the fancy airplane blankets and pillows etc!! How was the food??


    1. The food was medium ok. Apparently they did not get any wind of my “special meal” request, but I can’t say I was too disappointed, because the small bits of food I was able to eat were not terribly good.


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