Not-so-humble brag: Doing researchy things moderately well

The last couple of weeks have been action-packed and, for the first time ever, I have started to feel kinda OK from a research perspective.

This has been such a welcome change from the norm, as I spent approximately 99% of the past year second-guessing my research and generally feeling stupid.
no idea (Andy Dwyer)

But in the last few weeks, I got to present at ESSSB and was not eviscerated. In fact, I got some really positive feedback, which was lovely. Here is a tiny blurb and a picture of me ‘in action’ on the APEAL lab website

Then I presented at CAPE (the Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology’s Annual Symposium) and I actually won an award for the best oral presentation! Here is a little blurb on the APEAL lab at CAPE. Having a couple brilliant and accomplished people in my field say “you know what, you did OK” really does wonders for the confidence.

Still have some pretty big fish to fry. I MUST submit my thesis and I really hope that will happen soon. A BIG shout out to all my LOVELY friends and family who have been proof-reading a very long manuscript on suicide. You are the best of the best!

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      1. (also, in my defense, I had this drafted earlier, I just posted it now as my internet at home was non-existent).


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