DSC_5836Yes Copenhagen.
Be still my beating heart.
Where to even begin with Copenhagen?

It was absolute bliss and I have been struggling to condense my immense love for this city into one blog post.

I have been to a lot of cool and interesting places in my life, but never before have I had the experience of arriving in a new place and feeling a sense of familiarity, of warmth, of home.

From the moment I arrived, I had the most curious feeling that my soul recognized this place.

Even thought it was pouring rain with umbrella-snapping winds when I arrived, AND my Visa card decided to stop working for ‘no reason’ according to the bank, and several other minor hiccups, I have nothing but love for this place.

I mean, how does a city exist that has HEART HOLES in their guard towers and on their currency! How adorable! How wonderful!

DSC_5961When I returned from my trip, none of my friends were shocked to hear that I had fallen completely in love with this city, because, I mean, bikes everywhere.

But it was more than the spectacular network of bike paths and thoughtfully-designed urban spaces, there was something intangible about Copenhagen that has utterly stolen my heart and entirely captivated me. Something that, even weeks later, continues to invade my thoughts.

Perhaps it is hygge, the emotion that defines the Danish culture. It is an untranslatable feeling of coziness – like the feeling of a warm hug, of comfort, and intimacy with dear friends. This feeling seemed to be steeped into every aspect of the city, and it pervaded my experience of the city.

And perhaps that is what resonated so deeply with me. I had arrived in this charming place with an aching heart, and found myself wrapped in the warm embrace of a city, giving me comfort and a sense of home where I least expected to find it.

So thank you, Copenhagen. I had the most a hyggelig time.

Here are a couple pictures:

Nyhavn (where all the ol’ sailors would come to “play” and where HC Andersen used to live): DSC_5823


DSC_5805  DSC_5776Amalienborg Palace:



The Marble Church:

DSC_6006Check out these pipes!

DSC_6001Trivoli (the somewhat creepy amusement park in the centre of the city):




DSC_6098I also got to meet up with the ever-lovely Signe. It was so wonderful to see her again and get to catch up on each others’ life. We biked around a bit, took a walk through Kastellet, an old military base, then ate  delicious food at a food market. It was really wonderful to re-connect with someone so lovely in every way.





Obviously, this is exactly my type of vehicle:

DSC_6047Until next time. xox

5 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. p.s. I really like the pic with the yellow swan “I lov it”

    On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Karen Dykxhoorn wrote:

    > As someone wise once said, “Good Copenhagen is better than bad cocaine.” > …. errrr maybe that was > a different copenhagen… lol. (less like a city, more like chewing tobacco > 😉 ) > > On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 4:41 PM, lovelyoutliers <


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