A proper thank you: Reflections on a MSc journey

I have been coming down from submitting my thesis. I feel I went from elation to exhaustion in mere hours. I have yet to process this idea of ‘leisure time’ that all coolest modern economic and social historians have been talking about.

As I take a breath prior to re-entering the academic fray in preparation for my defense, I wanted to take a moment to properly thank those who helped me through this grueling yet rewarding MSc journey.

I feel as though my acknowledgements page in my thesis was not the appropriate thought to mention that this success is due, in large part, to the following influential people/things:

  • Kaldi, the sheepherder who discovered coffee, and the beautiful people at coffee shops across this city for working together to keep my maintain my minimum caffeine levels
  • Biostatistics Ryan Gosling, who taught me that swooning over statistics can be the sexiest activity
  • The internet’s daily offering of adorable animal videos
  • Wine (obviously)

In all honestly, I have had the best team of friends, family, fellow grad students, and coworkers, without whom I would never have made it this far. I am so grateful for all of you.

Here is a brief breakdown of the numbers:

MSc infographic

Considering how this MSc pilgrimage was a time of tremendous personal growth, challenge, and growth, it seems befitting, somehow, to end on a frantically busy 6 weeks, which involved presenting at 2 conferences, travelling to 4 countries (including 7 flights), and moving to a new apartment, while working full-time.

My new plan? Nap for a month!! Perhaps. Or alternately do ALL THE FUN THINGS!

Commence post-thesis action plan!

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