A day in the life of actually doing things I have pinned on Pinterest

As one of the 70 million (!!!) Pinterest users, I am well aware of the aspirational nature of pinning. Pinterest is a place where you put all the pretty things, the ambitious things, the “would be nice to have time to do this” things, and the “one day when I get my life in order, I will totally do all of these things.”

However, like most, I know that the super healthy recipes, the stylish outfits, the “easy” home decor ideas, and the thoughtfully hand-crafted “just because I care” gifts all too often only exist on the beautifully curated online boards.

HOWEVER, today, my motivation to do anything other than prep for my thesis defence was so strong, that I feel like I lived a day of what my life would be like if Pinterest was an accurate representation of my regular day.

In Pinterest world, I have a “Fitness” and a “Yoga” boards, which are filled with fitspo that I frequently ignore, so I started my day at 5 am in order to do a 6k run then a hot yoga class.

Also, my wonderful yoga teacher shared a quote that would fit on my “Pearls of Wisdom” board from Lao Tzu:

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.

Then an Oatmeal Power bowl and coffee later via my “Wheat Free Vegetarian” board, I went on to the “My Style” part of the day, where I made some major scores at the consignment store.

Then I cooked some healthy and amazing food – I made this Oh She Glows vegetable soup and it was divine!


The “Wheat Free Vegetarian” board out of the way, I could move onto “DIY Potions and Lotions” where I some “Natural Home Scents.”

IMG_1046Then to I sat down to give myself a mani, because y’all know that nail art is the thing on pinterest.


To round out my day, I will spend some time at uke lessons and listening to records (right now it is the Cats Meow, which is truly the cats meow), in order to fulfill my “Music stuff” board, and dedicate the rest of my day to things that are “Smile Inducing.”


Clearly loving this temporary unemployment gig. Hope your Tuesday is full of goodness.


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