Christmas terraria and craft panic

Earlier this fall, I attended a terrarium building workshop at Flock Boutique and have been hooked. Every glass bowl or cup I see is now a potential terrarium. I would say it is becoming a problem (I can see 6 terraria from where I sit), but they are just so delighfully charming, I do not think this obsession is a problem at all.

As it is the Christmas season, I thought it only appropriate to decorate the terraria worlds with seasonal accents.





Logically, when my coworkers decided to forgo the classic “cookie exchange” (partly due to raging food allergies) and instead proposed a “ball exchange”, where everyone brings a set of Christmas ornaments to exchange, I decided to make tiny Christmas terraria as my contribution. In advance of the exchange, I prepped gold sparkly animals, make tiny presents, and bought miniature Christmas ornaments.



I thought I was in good shape, so an hour before the party, I sat down to assemble the ornaments, and NOTHING WOULD FIT in the top of the ball!!!


I madly scrambled to find new options (going through some really terrible pinterest-fail options), this is what I came up with:

I made 4 terrarium-style ornaments (I could only use the sparkly foul, because I could trim them small enough so they could fit into the opening).


Then made an assortment of other ones (basically finding anything that could be construed as festive and stuffing it into an ornament). DSC_6801

In the crafting process, I spilled joy (aka glitter) all over the floor, and I hope it spills over through my entire home and heart.

Hope your season is filled with joy and glitter! xox

May your walls know joy;

May every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.

– Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey

3 thoughts on “Christmas terraria and craft panic

  1. The words “sparkly fowl” warm my heart. I have a long standing discussion with friends about the Christmas chicken – why should donkeys and sheep get all the manger fun?


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