Published: CARTOONS KILL (Xmas BMJ)

Frozen is among the kids movies that an Ottawa researcher has placed under the microscope.

I have been excited about this for months now! Almost a year ago, my prof announced he wanted us to work on a very important research project, aiming to be considered for publication in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal. Once the research approach was sorted out, and with the incredible Mila Kingsbury running much of the analysis and writing up the findings, my major contribution to the study was watching movies and coding details of character death.


It was published last week in the BMJ and the response has been extraordinary! It has popped up all over the internet and was featured in the media world-wide. My favorite was seeing it on Jezebel!

Anyway, if you are interested in some whimsical science to warm your heart over the Christmas season, check out our article:

CARTOONS KILL: Casualties in animated recreational theater in an objective observational new study of kids’ introduction to loss of life

For some more lounge-in-cheek science, check out some of the other magnificent articles:

Merry Christmas!

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