Year-end reindeer round up

As is customary, as the year draws to an end, the time comes to wax nostalgic about the adventures from the last year. So, here is my reindeer blog-post roundup!

In my first post (here), I hypothesized that the coming year would contain “buckets of uncertainty that I am not able to control” and that proved to be accurate!


There was much stressing about grad school, busy with procrastination, culminating in a completed thesis and a successful defence, with a couple presentations (like this at ESSSB), and publications, like this paper on time trends of mental illness and this amusing analysis of death in children’s movies. These major moments took place with the constant Tswift tunes playing in my ear.

There was also a spectacular breakup, which resulting in lots of life-reflection and lessons: Tomorrow will be kinderOpen heart – fence requiredStanding stillThe little mermaidKintugi – the broken and beautiful, and Confidence – living a life you are proud of.


There were also fun-times galore! There was some Scientific coffee drinkingWalks in the parkCrafting fun times, lots of music (including StraussNorthcote & Twin ForksJenny Berkel & Jennah Barry) and countless hours of general lolly-gagging.


I also got to go on several incredible trips, which were definitely the highlights of 2014, including Vegas/Death Valley/ArizonaEstoniaHelsinki, and [the best city ever] Copenhagen!

Of course, there were bikes.


Thoughts on biking about town: Almost biking seasonCar-free collective spacesSupermario cycling and Winter biking.

And my amazing bike trip in Quebec: Day 1-2Day 3P’tit train du nordDay 4Day 5heading home, and good life choices.


The bike obsession escalated to a dangerous level with my international bike oogling: Bikes bikes bikes

This year has been topsy-turvey wonderful and difficult and I am so grateful to have shared it with the loveliest of people. Cant wait to see what adventures 2015 has in store!


May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand

– Irish Blessing


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