Guest post: #MinsGame Week 1

My always lovely pal Lisa is here to share her take on our Minimalist Game (with the help of Carrot, who is the best puppy).


Week 1

While I don’t like writing or blogging, I do like winning and making fun of Jen so I shall “guest post” for her.
When she challenged me to this game my first (and probably accurate) reaction was pffffffftttt.
And then thoughts like:
“Woohoo! I’ve won a free mani!”
“Jen should go on TLC’s Hoarders and I’ll make a guest appearance as her cool and organized friend”
“If I had a nickle (from Jen) for every time I told her to throw something out or stop buying useless things than I would be rich (and travelling)”
So we’re in the depths of this challenge. We’ve completed Week 1 quite easily. I grabbed some books, half finished crafts, stuff my mom forced on me and put it in a bag. BAM 28 items completed.
It is quite interesting the things we accumulate without bothering to really ponder. My first giveaway was a stuffed bunny that I carted to South Korea, back to my parent’s place and here to Toronto and it’s been sitting in my drawer ever since. Why did I ever get it? Why did I bring it along? I think the spin of a game makes us really question the usefulness of each object and lets us let go on an emotional attachment to that object. Our competitiveness is overshadowing our need for these things and putting that in a context of a grander scheme I think we can both learn some valuable lessons from this “game”. We could probably have learned the same thing from watching Frozen but at least we’ll both have nice nails and a less cluttered apartment by the end of this.
Lisa (and Carrot)

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