Minimalist game (#MinsGame): Week 1 review – February challenge

If I had a nickle for every time I mused that I should really purge my closet and get rid of stuff out, I would be a moderately wealthy lady.

So, when I came across the idea of playing a “minimalist game (#minsgame)” I was on board. What a better way to simplify and de-clutter than putting your pride on the line and pitting yourself against a friend for manicures and glory?

Well, my dear pal was game and I could immediately feel the surge of competition rise up in both of us. She (accurately) expressed a high level of skepticism that I will make it, as I have so many times bemoaned my need to “declutter” and simplify, but I struggle with getting rid of stuff. I cling tightly with both of my hands to every shred of nostalgic paraphernalia.

But, whoever lasts longer is footing the bill for some manis, and gets mad bragging rights.

If we actually make it to the end of the month, that will be 406 items that have been chucked.

Is this even possible?

When I looked around my place, it has become clear that I have a lot of strange and wierd things that could be culled, so maybe I do stand a chance.

Game on!

Week 1

Day 1: Decided that I don’t really need all the programs for the many shows I attend at the NAC. The changes of me going back to read through a program of an orchestral show or musical is slim to none, so they took their final bow into my recycling box.

Day 2: The next thing to go was a novel and one of those shitty belts that you get attached to an article of clothing, that  you never wear, but that somehow has ended up in my belt collection, and has been moved twice, following me around, haunting me.

Day 3: A random assortment of things were chucked today. Back issues of fashion magazines, a notebook, and a “tangle” which was one of the giveaways I used to use when I was a health promoter for youth engagement activities and smoking cessation talks. It has been 2.5 years. Probably don’t need to carry that around any more.

Day 4: Four bottles of nail polish to follow. While these are acceptable colours, when I go through the time to paint my nails, I want excellent polish – high quality stuff, lovely colours. These have always been on the cusp – not ugly enough to chuck, but never as nice as my other ones, so they have just been riding around my toiletries bag for years.

Day 5: OK. I know how bad this is gonna sound, but I have been hanging onto 2 expired epipens and several bottles of expired allergy creams because it was SO FLIPPIN’ EXPENSIVE I never replaced it with new stuff. Seriously, I think the cream might have been made from golden leaves handpicked by magical unicorn elves. So that is getting chucked (although, to make up for my terrible public health approach of hanging onto expired medication, I am actually going to return it to a pharmacy, so it can be disposed of properly).

Day 6: I have had short hair for many years and have no plans on having long flowing locks again, so why I continue to hang onto various hair accouterments is beyond me! Also these earrings – beloved a decade ago, more embarrassing now.

Day 7: You know the makeup you used religiously for a period of time then it migrated to the bottom of your bin of things never again to see the light of day? Well, it is finally getting chucked.

Well, that was not so bad. I have a feeling this is going to get harder and harder as the days go buy, so wish me luck!

To hear how Lisa did, check out her guest post here.

IMG_3936IMG_2086 IMG_2087IMG_2085


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