Yoga every damn day: April challenge

My main personal development challenge this month is to do yoga every damn day.

Week 1: Hitting my stride 

[well, technically the first 4 days] I felt like I really hit my stride in the first week – I was rocking the 6am class for the first 4 days, and was feeling pretty great about getting my day off to such a positive start. In a pretty massive triumph for me, I then attended the HardCORE class (which I have, for the past year, avoided staunchly, because the agony!).

FullSizeRender (2)

Week 2: Finding tiny time

In an unusual turn of events, I had a major influx of family for this week. As I live a 7-9 hour drive away from my family members, it is pretty rare for me to get to participate in family shindigs, but the April stars aligned, bringing some pretty intensive family times to my corner of the world. Karen & Heidi (my fur niece) stayed for nearly a week, followed immediately by the arrival of my ‘rents for a relaxing weekend. This meant I got to do lovely fun times (like play in a dog park, go for long walks in my ‘hood, show my people my regular haunts and some of the pretty features of OttCity, but it also meant I did not get to the studio for 4 days in a row. Cue the home practice – the tricky balance of trying to find tiny bits of time into which I can insert practice, whilst still being present with the people I am hosting. Suffice to say, home practice this week often consisted of a lack-luster series of sun salutations before collapsing into bed.

Week 3: Powering through

I am starting to feel stronger. I did a late night power flow, and was still up early for the 6am class, and I have been noticing a difference. Physically, I am feeling powerful, but I am struggling mentally. I feel like 30 days is a LOOONG time, and I am struggling with finding focus and calm in my practice. I find myself mission-ing through – pushing and powering, accompanied by a stream of mental chatter and distraction.

We will see what the next week brings and if I am able to finish strong.

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