Fueling adventure – Algonquin 2015

On most of my recent trips, I have skewed to the ultralight weight type of journey, which is fast, physically demanding, and rewarding. Everything is selected based on weight and practicality. There is little room for whimsy. Unfortunately, this also applies to the food. While I think I have mastered the basic dehydrated, nutrient rich, … More Fueling adventure – Algonquin 2015

“You are weak and you’re also strong”

It’s Friday! The sun is shining and the weekend stretches before me like a beautiful blank canvas upon which I get to throw a canoe camping adventure on. It is going to be marvelous. But before I get to drink the sweet, sweet nectar of the great wild spaces, I must power through the work day, taking a moment to be refueled by the wise words of “Ask Polly.” … More “You are weak and you’re also strong”