“You are weak and you’re also strong”

It’s Friday! The sun is shining and the weekend stretches before me like a beautiful blank canvas upon which I get to throw a canoe camping adventure on. It is going to be marvelous.


But before I get to drink the sweet, sweet nectar of the great wild spaces, I have a to-do list at my cubicle to power through. And this morning, like most Friday mornings, I take a moment away from my work in order to brew a cup of coffee and dive into the insightful, beautifully written words of “Polly”, the NY Mag advice columnist. I so enjoy her words, as she is insightful and blunt, and her words ring clear and resonant. She is a smart lady, with a bucket full of pearls of hard-won wisdom. Check out this week’s column here: “Ask Polly” column

…You are stronger than you know, and you can reach for the best that’s in you and then help someone else with it. I’m saying this to you because I think you have a gift of extreme sensitivity that’s sometimes covered up by your sharp intellect, and that sensitivity will let you see clearly through the gruff sounds people make, to see right through that noise to their melancholy, beating hearts.

We can stand together, thousands of miles away and years apart from each other, total strangers, and we can remind ourselves that this world wants us to give as much as we possibly can, to stretch beyond our known limits, to help those who can’t stretch quite as far. It’s not arrogant to believe in that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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