Fueling adventure – Algonquin 2015

On most of my recent trips, I have skewed to the ultralight weight type of journey, which is fast, physically demanding, and rewarding. Everything is selected based on weight and practicality. There is little room for whimsy.

Unfortunately, this also applies to the food. While I think I have mastered the basic dehydrated, nutrient rich, vegetarian meal for UL tripping, my meals tend to lack extravagance.

Our weekend trip to Algonquin was an exception. As we were just paddling in (no portaging, no massive treks), we loaded the canoes down with flavour. And it was marvelous. Here are some of the food-related highlights of our trip.

Asparagus, potato, scrambled eggs, oh my (Breakfast #1)


Coffee and baileys (As much as possible)

Pretty sure there is nothing more luxurious than having a tipple of irish cream in your caffeine, in the forest as you look out onto a pristine lake.


Mexican fiesta (Lunch #1)



Never before had I imagined that fondu could be enjoyed as a camp food. But it was marvelous, particularly as a pre-dinner appetizer. There was some orange brandy in this melted chocolate. It made for a lot of delicious-ness.


Portobello mushrooms, potatoes, and asparagus (Dinner #1)


Drink drank drunk

When weight is not a consideration, jugs of pre-mixed margaritas become a wonderful possibility.


“Egg in a hole” and hashbowns (Breakfast #2)

Cooking with a pie iron is one of my favorite things. This simple “egg in a hole” (or, according to the odder folks, frog in a hole) is a simple and delicious breakfast in 3 easy steps:

  1. Make a hole in a piece of bread
  2. Put an egg in the hole
  3. Cook slowly over the fire (*warning, if you put the pie iron directly on the coals, the bread will get a bit too toasted before the egg fully cooks).



Sandwiches with olive pesto, feta (spreadable?!), and tomatoes (Lunch #2)

Would be delicious grilled, but was also exceptional as a trail-side lunch on the go


Ice cream (All the time)

Necessary. No commentary needed.


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