Buy [almost] nothing month: June challenge

Hey guys!

Back on the monthly challenge game! For May, I had a few on the go, but never ended up blogging about them. The best one was to do some kind things in the world, which included donating blood, organizing a neighbourhood litter clean up, and generally trying to be nicer to people.

But this month, I am trying something hard, so I know I need to pre-blog about it in order to be accountable! I tend to leak money, a slow, steady seep, and my efforts to staunch the flow have not done much, so draconian measures are in order. I have decided to take the “Blonde on a budget” shopping ban challenge (*sidebar: she has a rather excellent blog! You should check it out!)

Untitled Infographic (2)

4 thoughts on “Buy [almost] nothing month: June challenge

    1. Ugghhh. I know I will have to do that one, or you will never let me forget it. Please start sending me tips on how to make this happen.


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