International Yoga Day – Canadian Style


This weekend was summer solstice, marking the start to the best part of the year. The days stretch luxuriously long, the days and hours of sunshine interrupted only by fresh summer rain or awe-inspiring thunderstorms. This year, June 21st also marked the first International Yoga Day, so I thought I would salute the sun in the most Canadian way possible – in a canoe.

The start was a little bit rocky. My fur niece, Heidi, was determined to get into the canoe, so it was nearly ass-over-tea kettle before it began.



But my sister wrangled her adorable beast and I paddled out to do some yoga poses (much to the amusement of the dozen fishermen who lined the shore and bridge nearby, who I am pretty sure were collectively hoping for a dramatic spill sequence).




It was exhilarating to practice surrounded by the pristine sky and clear water, feeling profoundly connected to the world around me. I think wild yoga might be one of the greatest things in the world, and I hope to spend more time this summer finding my balance in the wild. To keep the wild in me and to be part of the great wilderness that surrounds and supports us.

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