To the ocean and back: Gaspé Peninsula

2015-07-31 16-54-03 The allure of a summer road trip was too great to resist, so we [my sister, her puppy and I] saddled up the pony [Toyota Matrix] and set out early on Monday morning on our way to Gaspé.

Along the way, we swam in as many lakes/rivers/oceans as possible, marveled at the striking beauty of the St Lawrence River (really, it is breathtaking), tasted the salt of the sea, hiked up large hills, and got lulled to sleep by the crashing of ocean waves.

It was marvelous, apart from the many hours of car sitting and the near total breakdown of sanity that comes as a result. Nothing like two sisters and a puppy in a confined space for hours on end to bring out the best in everyone…

Over the week, we traveled 3,981.4kms, which, based on an average speed of 80km/hr equals 49.7 hours. We swam in 7 places, had at 6 ice caps, inhaled 4 family size bags of chips and 5 jugs of juice, took over 800 photos, weathered a blueberry jam situation (followed by a butter incident), corrupted 1 memory card (that has since been miraculously revived), spotted 1 baby black bear and several seals,  and consumed innumerable cups of coffee. Number of showers = 0 (number of selfies documenting my hair’s journey is too embarrassingly high to report).

Here is a selection of pics of the journey: 2015-07-31 09-35    DSC_9874 DSC_9398 2015-07-31 18-53  DSC_0006  DSC_9483 DSC_9967 2015-07-31 09-35-02 DSC_0085 2015-07-31 20-57-04 I loved seeing this stunning corner of Canada, but we learned a valuable lesson, that the “road” portion of a road trip can be brutal, and I think should be avoided at all costs.

Hope you are enjoying the great wild summer (and avoiding the inside of cars as much as possible!)

xox 2015-07-31 09-42-02

5 thoughts on “To the ocean and back: Gaspé Peninsula

  1. haha “weathered a blueberry jam situation (followed by a butter incident)” well said.

    also my fav pic is that first rock / fog one!! (plus the one at the end with the sunset / fog / beach.. obviously)

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