I’m OK, just taking a little lie-down

I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed lately. It wasn’t until Dallas Clayton, one of my favourite internet people, shared this picture that I became aware of my newest coping strategy: when it feels like too much, I just lie down.


Sometimes that means I lie down at rural gas stations (and get crawled on by snakes).
IMG_3696Other times, when I think that my stuff might consume my body, I take a little lie down in my apartment.

IMG_3767Or sometimes, the grassy patch on a quiet street is the perfect place for some supine activity.

I have discovered several excellent lie-down locations throughout the city. Similar to the “good places to cry in public” I might start mapping out my favourite lie-down spots as I face the next few weeks of change, transition, excitement, and stress.

I better get back to work, but first, I might need to take a little lie-down.


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