Viral cat video viewing has a moment in the sun!


In an inspired moment of intense procrastination a few years ago, when struggling to write my thesis proposal, I crafted the following fake thesis proposal, to delight my fellow grad students who were similarly miring in the slog.

My research objectives included:

  •  To examine the cross­-sectional association between viral cat video viewing and measures of physical and mental health.
  • To examine the longitudinal association between viral cat video viewing and measures of physical and mental health.
  • To identify the optimal level of viral cat video viewing (VCVV) for maximal health benefit as well as the components of VCV that are linked to the greatest health benefit.
  • To see if the increase in VCVV is linked to cat adoption rates in Ottawa.

The full proposal can be found here: CatThesis – April 18, 2013

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this research, published earlier this year by Myrick, showing that watching cat videos was associated with emotional benefits, including improvement to viewers mood. However, as expected, viewing cat-related content also had drawbacks, as users’ may procrastinate important tasks in order to consume feline-focused media.

Here is the conceptual model with the hypothesized emotional benefits and drawbacks.


To read the full article, click here:

Myrick 2015

So if you need some pro-Cat-ination on this Friday morning, go ahead and

But you might still come face-to-face with the devastating reality that you can’t hug every cat!

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