The prettiest little town of all: Eidfjord, Norway

After 5 days in Bergen, I boarded a train and public bus to sample the fjordian landscapes that Norway is famous for.

Eidfjord is nestled beside the Hardangerfjord, built into the mountains. The town is tiny, but the real charms lie in the magestic nature – the vast, dramatic mountains cradling a sliver of blue-green-turquois-charcoal sea. Never before have I seen such physically striking scenery.

So, in appropriate fashion, I present to you the photo-densest post I have ever posted. I honestly spent much of the day gape-mouthed, wandering around wondering “is this real life?! How does a place like this exist?!”


DSC_1410DSC_1402 DSC_1404DSC_1422DSC_1428DSC_1437 DSC_1440

Love all the different roof styles!!

DSC_1419DSC_1459DSC_1628DSC_1452 DSC_1455DSC_1462 DSC_1490The salmon were literally leaping out of the water in Eidfjordvatnet and the Eio river! They were massive and spectacular! [the resulting picture, less so, but you get the point].DSC_1515DSC_1559 DSC_1572 DSC_1588 DSC_1591

DSC_1595I only saw a few dogs on my trip, but I was pretty sure they were mostly wolf. DSC_1613

and SHEEP!!DSC_1735DSC_1620 DSC_1622 DSC_1624DSC_1655 DSC_1661 DSC_1669DSC_1673 DSC_1681

There was something utterly captivating about this cliff-face. I was completely mesmerized, which explains the number of pictures to follow.



I stayed in this lovely place and got to fall asleep looking at the sea, wake up and sip coffee as the morning light just started to creep over the mountains. It was magical.

DSC_1778DSC_1763 DSC_1786DSC_1772 DSC_1787

5 thoughts on “The prettiest little town of all: Eidfjord, Norway

    1. I totally agree, bribikes! I was mesmerized by the “faces” in the rock and as the light changed, it was as though the emotions carved into the cliff were constantly shifting and changing.

      I can’t recommend Norway enough!


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