Voss for a moment of joy

The final place I stopped on my whirlwind Norwegian experience was Voss. I only had a few hours between the bus from Eidfjord and the train back to Bergen, but I wandered the town and spent some time sitting by the water, because, look at how stunning it was!

DSC_1869   DSC_1855



The super important news was that while in Voss, I found CHEEZ DOODLES.

I had not been walking alone in the antarctic for 86 days, but it was still a pretty thrilling moment.


That’s all for my Norway excursion. I can’t wait to go back and respond to the call of the wild mountains, rivers, and fjords.


6 thoughts on “Voss for a moment of joy

    1. Yes. They are slightly less florescent yellow then the North American classic – likely slightly fewer strange chemicals, but same cheesy good flavour with the right amount of crunch.


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