Medieval walls & autumn leaves: York, UK

Andrea, two of her wonderful pals, and I boarded the train from Bradford to check out York, the “Capital of the North.”

As soon as you exit the train station, you see the Roman walls, which were built in 71 AD!! (What?!) Incredibly, you are able to walk along the top of the walls as you make your way into the city.

DSC_1925 DSC_1926



We then headed to the incredible Yorkshire Gardens, which happened to be decked out in vibrant fall colours.



And there were birds of prey chilling in the gardens, putting on shows, and being generally cool.

DSC_1946 DSC_1947 DSC_1950 DSC_1952  DSC_1967 DSC_1971 DSC_1973

“Guys! Touch it! It is SO old!!!”DSC_1985    DSC_1999


A jaunt down the shambles – a super old street which was mentioned in the Domesday book over 900 years ago! It also apparently is the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s diagon alley. I was mostly excited to see the disco balls strung between the timber-framed buildings.

DSC_2013 DSC_2014


No day is complete without a visit to Bettys for some tasty treats. DSC_2018 DSC_2020Thanks for the lovely day, ladies!!

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