Eggs in my coffee, wind in the trees, and hope in my heart

After nearly two months of transience, I finally have a new place! I am so thrilled to be tucked away on this windy Sunday in my new flat that I share with two delightful flat mates. While the trees sway outside the window, I am happy to be surrounded by cozy blankets, candles, and a feeling of at last being at home.

It is such a refreshing change, as being unsettled for so long had really undermined my ability to dig in deep to this new field of research and to whole-heartedly fling myself into this adventure. I hope these winds are blowing in a new era, where now that the practicalities of living have been sorted, I can move forward on carving out my PhD project.

But before any amount of real work can be done, coffee. Always coffee. This massively dorky demo was triggered by an article I read yesterday from How Stuff Works about Norske egg kaffe. So, naturally, I had to try it out for myself:

I am pleased to report that it was pretty good! Definitely an upgrade from other cowboy coffee techniques I have tried.

Since this entire post is a non-sensical collection of disparate thoughts, I figured I would continue with that trend and share a few other tiny lovely things.

I finally unpacked my bike bag and pieced together my beloved two-wheeled steed. I think that is the real measure of feeling “moved in.” So, with bikes on my mind, I was compelled me to share this similarly heart-warming ad from the 90s about the magic of getting your first bike:

I feel like it warms the same corners of my heart that the John Lewis ad which made its rounds a week or so ago (if not, check it out

Keeping with the bike theme, I thought this was a pretty good way to communicate how motorists can leave space for cyclists:

Then, triggered by the following video, I fell down a delightful “goat” hole on the internet. What a guy! I have a feeling my flat mates might not love the idea of adopting a tiny goat…

I hope you have a delightful week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Eggs in my coffee, wind in the trees, and hope in my heart

    1. It does seem like the greatest thing ever. There is another video of Benjamin bouncing along stepping stones, and I can’t imagine anything more delightful.

      Liked by 1 person

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