Meander through Gamla Stan

If you google “what to do in Stockholm” the unanimous opinion is that you MUST see the old town – Gamla Stan – and for good reason. This stunning medieval city centre, founded in 1252, is architecturally striking and you never know what beautiful space is waiting around the next cobble stoned, narrow corner.

I spent the large part of a day wandering aimlessly through this place, popping into shops, galleries, and churches as my heart desired. I lurked in the Christmas market for a long spell, taking in the crowds, festive smells, and music.



IMG_0941.jpgDSC_2169.jpgDSC_2338.jpgDSC_2348.jpgDSC_2356.jpgDSC_2416.jpgDSC_2420.jpgIMG_0986.jpgIMG_0985.jpg IMG_0938.jpg

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