A few more bits of Stockholm

I know, I know, another post about Stockholm, but I couldn’t resist! It is a marvellous city, with stunning nature, beautiful buildings, and many other delights. Here are some dribs and drabs from around town, and I will answer the most pressing question you likely have about Sweden.



Nature bits

One of the most wonderful things about this city was how perfectly integrated the urban area is with nature. No matter where you are in the city, you can likely see green space, craggy rocks, or stunning water views. In fact, in order to get from my Airbnb to the subway, I would hike up a rocky path, which was absolutely great. How often do you get to scramble over boulders and up an incline in the woods on your commute?IMG_1066.jpgIMG_1020.jpgDSC_2205

Built environment




Stockholm is incredibly trendy. The street style is incredibly on point, featuring a wearable, effortless cool. Dressing for the weather is essential, and my “London” gloves and hat were not adequate for the Stockholm cold. I popped into this vintage shop to and picked up a pair of sheepskin gloves and a much more suitable touque. I very nearly walked away with this ridiculously amazing creation: velvet + iridescent feather epaulets + a little extra shine on the skirt.

Oh Christmas Tree

I have to discuss this Christmas tree (aka the Kinnevik tree / the Stenbeck tree)! It is massive and beautiful, and so eye-catching, that I (naively) was impressed at how such a tall, straight, symmetrical tree could grow for presumably hundreds of years on the docks of a major city.

How silly of me! Apparently, this “tree” (or more accurately, sculpture) started when, in 1996 John Stenbeck thought “pfft. we can totes do better than the Rockefeller tree in NY.” So they selected a stunning, centuries old 131 foot tree growing in “deepest forests of Uppland and added attached branches from 20 other trees to it. DSC_2197IMG_0983.jpg

Finally, the question that everyone has been wondering…

Do Swedish berries exist in Sweden?

Yes!! These are skogsbär!DSC_2494

Deliciously, they have two flavours, the classic red and a richer delicious purple/red. According to my local hosts, they are just called “berries” or “forest berries.”


That’s all, folks!


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