Homemade body lotion

With a few major deadlines looming and the pre-Christmas crush pressing down on my body, I decided the most logical thing to do was to spend my evening making body lotion.

I got this recipe via the wonderful Sweet Madeline. Even though it really looked like I ruined everything, it totally worked in the end!

I ended up making two batches – peppermint then lemongrass + tea tree. As you can see, the minor departure from the instructions was that I used beeswax pellets (from Amazon), instead of grated beeswax, and I added 3 tbsp instead of 3.5 tbsp.

I am thrilled with the result! While the slightly non-functional hand mixer did give me a repetitive strain injury, but it was absolutely worth it.  my skin is super soft and the essential oil scents are lovely without being overpowering.

I also made a tiny video of the experience.

Recipe via http://www.sweetmadeleine.ca/2015/03/04/3-ingredient-homemade-body-lotion/


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