HNY: Dancing in the eye of the hurricane


A really important part of the trip to Malta to me was to unplug from all sorts of distractions and spend time working through the rather eventful year that I have had. I don’t always excel in times of uncertainty and periods of change, even when they are of the exciting variety, like moving to a vibrant new city, starting my PhD, and travelling to new places. And like any other year, it has been peppered with some really challenging things too: losing friends, heartbreak, and struggles.

I keep thinking life will calm down, but that doesn’t seem to be the way things work. It is like no matter what, things are swirling around. I think I spent a lot of time trying to reach into the chaos for some stability, but UI have started to realize that I can’t expect the storm to calm down, but I can dance in the hurricane.

So as I start off this next year, I am not resolving to find a “new me” but rather recognize the space around me that I have the power to create more tranquility and balance in my life – that there is space in the centre of the turmoil of life that I can find peace and joy. So that as the wind whips around and the cows fly by, I know I am gonna be ok, and to dance.

Happy New Years, everyone!


You can dance in the hurricane…but only if you’re standing in the eye.

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