Serenity in a silent city: Mdina, Malta


My favourite city in Malta was Mdina, the silent city, which has stunningly beautiful architecture, largely from the medieval period, with some Baroque bits mixed in.

Like many places in Malta, the history of this spot goes back a LONG time. Apparently, this spot has been an important fortified city for thousands of years, with the Phoenicians fortified this spot in 700 BC.

Apparently, this serene labyrinth of limestone walls and cobblestone streets was where Paul the Apostle lived in Mdina after he was shipwrecked on the island. A long history of religious orders flourished in this city, and it became a place for quiet contemplation and meditation for many religious orders. This may be part of the reason why Mdina got its name the Silent City. It is possible it has persisted because the city only allows very few vehicles, and as you walk the quiet, narrow streets you find the silence mesmerizing.

In honour of this history, Andrea and I wandered around silently through the narrow streets, soaking in the serenity of this ancient space.

DSC_2748DSC_2746DSC_2747DSC_2789DSC_2787DSC_2766DSC_2770DSC_2763Sometimes holding up this balcony for hundreds of years can be exhausting!

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