Sunshine, sea, wild air: Comino Island

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

DSC_3400.jpgThis tiny treasure is a car-free paradise of the bluest water I have ever seen, craggy cliffs and caves, and stunning intersections of the rocks and the sea. This island is only 3.5 square miles, so Andrea and I set off to amble around with abandon. DSC_3399.jpgDSC_3418.jpgDSC_3404.jpgBridge on a bridge. So meta. 😛DSC_3413This place was so quiet and wild that it is the perfect place for a tranquil day soaking in nature. This was one of the few cars that exist on the island, with appropriate directions on the licence place. Comino is the perfect place to chill!DSC_3452 Apparently the island has a permanent population is less than 10 people (I saw estimates online that the official population count is currently 4). It was one of the few places we saw wildlife, including this cute little guy:DSC_3422.jpgWhen we arrived at a sheltered beach, we decided it was about time we had a swim in the spectacularly blue waters of the Mediterranean. The cold of the water for our first swim knocked the air out of my body! Not far from where we swam was a fisherman in a parka and toque. IMG_4894.jpgWe walked a little more to discover some spectacular cliffs and coves, which were apparently popular with the pirates of yesteryear. DSC_3469.jpgDSC_3467.jpgDespite the shocking cold of the last swim, by the time we made it back to the Blue Lagoon, I could not resist jumping into the brilliantly aquamarine, crystal clear waters. There is nothing quite like swimming in salt water. DSC_3496I am pretty sure THIS is pure happiness. xoIMG_1443.jpg

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