Boats, Boats, Boats: Marsaxlokk

It is taking me a while to get through all of the marvellous photos of Malta, but I still have some just itching to get out there!

We were on the way to St Peter’s Pool, which we didn’t get to in the end, because we were halted by this charming traditional Maltese fishing village. This scenic harbour was flanked by a bustling market where the local fishermen sell their daily catch, where Andrea found the coolest leggings, and where we met the most adorable pet goat, Milka. I am not sure who made the decision to paint boats [apparently called luzzus] these bright primary colours, but I totally love them!

Here are a few pics: DSC_3172DSC_3174DSC_3186DSC_3189DSC_3191DSC_3195DSC_3209DSC_3214DSC_3208



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