Guess what, we are in DUBLIN! Leigh is on the Loose and we are ready to rumble!

DSC_3669We started the tour with coffee (and tea for the Leigh).

DSC_3677DSC_3682Dreamy! DSC_3670We wandered by the Dublin Castle to oogle this round tower, the only intact  medieval tower in Dublin. DSC_3826We also swung by the spectacular Christ Church Cathedral, which was pretty impressive. DSC_3823DSC_3813The old industrial architecture around the Guinness Storehouse was pretty amazing. DSC_3704DSC_3707The required activity when visiting Dublin is to find a pub with live music and a warm, boisterous atmosphere. We definitely checked both those boxes with Cobblestone. Not only did I have my first pint of the year (dry January + most of February, with a special Ireland exclusion clause), the live music was excellent, and  which also included impromptu singing by rowdy groups of Welsh men and talented locals (who show up at pubs with violins and flutes, even when not part of the official band). It was pretty heavenly!


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