Tourist in my own town: London, UK

I had the great pleasure of welcoming the lovely Leigh to London for a few days, and I got to share with her my new town. We wandered my ‘hood, walked the heath, and had a grand time. DSC_3610.jpgDSC_3620.jpgDSC_3628.jpgDSC_3632

We made a very important pitstop at Tiger to stock up on important fashion accessories, including the most handsome man of all:

DSC_3617.jpg and this excellent FANNY PACK! DSC_3646.jpgIt was an absolute delight to host Leigh in London, but the fun had only just begun! DSC_3644.jpgWe decided to hop over to Ireland for the weekend to test our luck in finding ginger beards and every kind of green.IMG_2007.jpgMore adventures to come!! What else might you expect from these babes?


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