Beer & whiskey: Dublin’s essential liquids

We only had a limited time in Dublin, so decided to spend part of that learning about Dublin’s iconic drinks: Guinness and Jameson.

First stop was the Guinness storehouse, which is a massive, 7-storey extravaganza dedicated to the brewing of this deep ruby-red elixir.


While the exterior of the building maintains an old industrial vibe (built in 1904), the interior is decidedly ultra-modern, verging on sci-fi at times, including a completely white room with steam vats. Very odd.



We particularly enjoyed interacting with some of the famous icons from ads of yesteryear, like the turtle, ostrich, “whistling oyster”, and fish on a bicycle:

DSC_3754.jpgDSC_3747.jpgDSC_3750.jpgWe got to examine and sample tiny pints (WE ARE GIANTS!!!)


And learn to pour a perfect pint. DSC_3730.jpg

The tour finishes at the Gravity bar, where you can see stunning panoramic views of Dublin, and savour that perfectly-poured pint.


Our next stop was the Jameson factory, which was less ostentatiously developed, but was actually super informative and interesting! We had a charming tour guide and learned a lot about whiskey! This “water of life” (derived from the Gaelic words Uisce beatha. The word “whiskey” an anglicized mispronunciation of the word “uisce”).DSC_3801.jpgThe side-by-side taste test comparing leading brands of Scottish (Johnnie Walker), American (Jack Daniels), and Irish (Jameson) was particularly informative, and for the first time, I learned what sorts of flavours I enjoy (and greatly dislike!) in a whiskey. (Apparently I am not a peat girl!).DSC_3805.jpgIMG_1136.jpgIMG_2144.jpgSláinte!

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