Hillwalking in Wicklow

The Irish morning was upon us, wet, windy, and spectacular. We donned our [somewhat inappropriate] runners, and headed out, nearly immediately soaked to the skin. Thankfully, boardwalks were lined with metal studs, which brilliantly allows you to walk on the wet wood without ruining yourself. DSC_3851.jpgThis place was spectacular in every way.DSC_3949.jpgDSC_3920.jpgDSC_3862.jpg The rolling hills and trees were covered with the greenest moss.DSC_4068.jpgDSC_3854.jpgDSC_3885.jpgDSC_4063.jpgWe stopped by the Poulanass waterfall, mostly so Leigh could freak out and so we could see a crew of wild mountain goats (which happen to be her spirit animal).DSC_3880.jpgDSC_3872.jpgWe also came across this group of deer. It was very adorable.DSC_4099.jpgThe wind and rain meant there were few other hillwalkers that day, however, we came across the most friendly crew, including this handsome fellow. They are participating in a charity challenge, where they hike each day to raise funds for a children’s hospice (you can read more on their Facebook page here). They referred to us as “hardy Canadian women” which is hands down my favourite descriptor of all times.DSC_3967.jpgThe Lugduff mountain was stunning and the Wicklow Way lead us back home. DSC_3983.jpgDSC_3962.jpgTo where we enjoyed some warm whiskeys. It was the perfect way to end a day of hiking. DSC_4143.jpgLater that evening, we wandered to a local pub with our new Aussie, French, and American pals for a pint, where I saw my favourite painting ever.IMG_2193.jpgand this goat.IMG_2195.jpg

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