Music for coding

music for codingThe last few days, I have been completely absorbed in puzzling out some code for my analysis. As I work in an open office, I find that the times that I need to dive deep into the world of programming, I require a constant stream of sounds to isolate me from the distracting goings-ons of the office, forcing me to actually do work (or, on occasion, procrastinate by blogging).

Interestingly, I find my regular musical tastes have little to offer during this very specific frame of mind. When I am programming, I tend to skew to ambient, electronic, atmospheric rock, neofunk, which is quite a departure from my usual upbeat diet of indie folk/pop.

I have found a few gems for the days spent writing code, that I thought I would share with you. So whether you are programming or simply doing other things that require sustained concentration, these beats that may embrace your brain, coaxing it into the hypnotic embrace of productivity.

There are a few really great Spotify playlists in the “focus” genre, but here are a few of my fav tracks, if you need 2.5 hours of escape:

I am also fond of this website:

Hope you are having a happy and productive Tuesday!!

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