Essential oil roller-balls

According to my flatmate, I need an old-timey chemistry lab to support my brewing and mixing of my various potions and lotions. It seems that I have many of the habits of an apothecary, making pots and bottles of mixtures to rub on the skin, inhale, or soak in. I was really excited for this most recent project.

Several months ago, I was struggling with insomnia, so I started using a sweet dreams aromatherapy rollerball in my nightly routine. Once it ran out, I decided I would mix up a few of my own blends.

The first step, of course, was to buy the most beautiful roller-ball bottles off Amazon. Look at these blue toned golden beauties?! So much possibility!IMG_0630IMG_0631

So far, I have made two life-affirming blends – one relaxing and one energizing. I have not taken the most scientific approach to this – for each of these recipes, I would add approximately 7-10 drops of each of the oils, depending on how much I enjoy the scent. I fill up the rest of the bottle with grapeseed oil (which is allegedly a hypoallergenic carrier oil that is light on the skin and absorbs quickly). Other people recommend fractionated coconut oil.

My sleepy-time blend includes a mixture of lavender, cedar wood, ylang ylang, and bergamot. IMG_1498 My rock-em-sock-em energizing mix includes the vibrant grapefruit, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oils. IMG_1497I will likely come up with more concoctions, which I will add to this post (a particular priority will be a migraine tamer, but I am waiting for a few more essential oils to brew up that remedy).

I have got to get some work done, so I am rolling on some energizing pick-me-up blend and heading getting to it.



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