T-3 until adventure time!

Getting ready for the first leg of my Pedalling for Mental Health adventure (Riding to my Roots: London to Holland)! In customary fashion, I made sure I pulled a muscle in my calf over the weekend in order to ensure a sufficient level of discomfort for the journey. But that has done little to dampen my excitement! And (as is also customary) that excitement has done little to spur me towards actual preparations. At this point, I have a tent I have never used, a borrowed sleeping bag, and a bike that needs some attention. Thankfully, I have accumulated an excessively large pile of snacks and a dolphin flask with emergency whiskey, because priorities.

In lieu of making an actual list, I figured this would suffice as a packing list, to remind me to wrangle together several useful things before I hit the road:


From www.unclippedadventure.com!

I am taking these wise words to heart:

“Go solo. If you are not brave enough or organized enough, go with others.” Alistair Humprhey, Night of Adventure 2016

While I don’t feel very brave right now and am exceedingly disorganized, I am going it alone and hoping that my Adventure Potato will be gentle (or good natured).



5 thoughts on “T-3 until adventure time!

    1. Picture to follow. It is just a flask, but it has a holographic image of a dolphin on it. I bought it MANY years ago, because I thought it was the coolest.


    1. Hey Jeremy. I had initially planned to go through Belguim but had shifted my plans. Really tragic events there today. 😦


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