Cruising around Stockholm

After spending several lonely hours waiting for me outside the office, my bicycle demanded to be treated like a lady – a spin about town and some time on the beach. DSC_5027DSC_5034We had a pretty excellent excursion cruising the streets of Stockholm.

We stopped by the Långholmen, a small island in the middle of the city with an odd and interesting history. For 250 years, it was the cite of a prison. It is now a charming green oasis (due in part to the trees planted by prisoners over the years). DSC_5025These are the flowers I may have accidentally kneeled in rabbit poo for… DSC_5040Then we peered at some pretty buildings.DSC_5046DSC_5052DSC_5043Until next time, Stockholm! ❤IMG_1558.jpg

3 thoughts on “Cruising around Stockholm

    1. Thanks! I loved the cast iron steeple! It is part of the Riddarholm Church, which was built in the late 1200s! The cast iron steeple was added when the previous one was struck by lightning!


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