Enjoying the wild in my garden

This has been a very exciting week in my life.

In my approx 6 months in this flat, I have not *yet* established myself as the neighbourhood weirdo. Rest assured, however, that I am taking the appropriate steps to ensure that designation is forthcoming.

When I got home from Stockholm, I was greeted by a very early birthday package surprise from my sister. She MADE ME A BIVY SACK! It is incredible and amazing and perfect in every way. She included these comprehensive directions for use:

IMG_1673 The periodically wet weather over the weekend discouraged me from trying it out, as my tarp is still chilling in Canada, so I eagerly eyed the weather forecast, waiting for a night with a low likelihood of rain.

Which brings us to Monday night. With the forecast boasting a mere 30% chance of rain (which is practically drought conditions in London), I was amped for my “wild” camping adventure to test out my new swag.

Specifically, as night fell in the ‘hood, I donned many layers of clothes, grabbed a sleeping bag and extra bedding, crawled through the hole in the fence behind the building, and set up a cosy nest. As the sounds of nature and the neighbourhood mingled around me, I pulled out my trusty harmonica and played myself a jarringly loud lullaby.

Boldly sleeping where no man has slept before.

My morning view.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover the joys of bivy sacks. They are all the good things:


  1. tiny and adorable
  2. nest-like
  3. Take zero set-up. No faffing about with poles and pegs. (Will be some finagling when the tarp is used in future excursions).

In addition to being practical and super light, Karen’s design is spectacularly colourful as well. In general, a total delight!

My nest for the night.

After this successful excursion, I will take my bivvy further afield to a local  park perhaps, then the world!

If you want to check out some of my sis’s wild adventures, she is logging 100 nights of sleeping outside this year at https://hopefulgoat.wordpress.com/!

Update [18/05/2016]: My sis just posted some bivy making instructions. Check it out here: https://lovelyoutliers.com/2016/05/18/re-blog-how-to-make-a-bivy/

Happy adventuring, friends!



9 thoughts on “Enjoying the wild in my garden

    1. She is a crafty one! Check out the link I shared above to a her blog (hopefulgoat.wordpress.com) to see her tent making post. Doesn’t have exact specifications on the bivy sacks, but she used the same materials.


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