Academic dream life: Two new papers!

This is definitely a delightful first for me! I went away on vacation and came back this morning to find that 2 of my papers have just been released (one published, one in press)! So, if your Monday is off to a slow start or you want to learn about some of the most recent psychiatric epidemiology research, you should check out this work that I contributed to while in the APEAL Lab in Ottawa!

Child abuse and the prevalence of suicide attempts among those reporting suicide ideation

Authors: Martin MS, Dykxhoorn J, Afifi TO, Colman I.

Journal: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

DOI: 10. 1007/ s00127-016-1250-3

Brief summary: Few predictors of suicide attempts among those who express suicidal thoughts have been identified. For clinicians who are likely to encounter individuals who experience suicidal thoughts, it is important to understand the risk factors that predict those who will act on those thoughts. Using CCHS data from Canada, we found that most individuals who attempt suicide had experienced child abuse, but also that other indices of health and social functioning were also associated with suicide attempts (e.g. presence of a suicide plan, poor mental health, financial difficulties, and poor coping skills). As all of these factors are also associated with child abuse, it is important to take a life course perspective in order to better understand these relationships.


(In Press) Stressful Life Events During Pregnancy and Offspring Depression: Evidence From a Prospective Cohort Study

Authors: Kingsbury M, Weeks M, MacKinnon N, Evans J, Mahedy L, Dykxhoorn J, Colman I.

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Brief summary: Using ALSPAC data from the UK, we found that prenatal exposure to acute stress is associated with offspring depression in adolescence.

This paper is currently “in press”, meaning the prettier, typeset copy will soon be available. when it is, I will update this link. Also, if you are behind the paywall and can’t see the full text, send me a message and I will hook you up with copies!

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