A few days with family : Brownsville & Owen Sound, Canada

I have been been really looking forward to getting to spend time with this eccentric bunch of humans that I am lucky to call my family. Definitely a highlight of my visit to Canada was to spend a bit of time with this colourful crew doing so many of my favourite things.

An essential activity every time I am home is to make sure I go for a bike ride with my ma and pa. They seem to have slightly different interpretations of what this should look like!

I also got to hang out with Gma – we had a lovely visit and lunch!IMG_2562.jpg

To cap off my whirlwind time in Elgin county, my parents took me rollerskating at the Tillsonburg community centre arena. I was SO impressed at the initiative of the town recreation staff to host these rollerskating nights twice a week during the part of the year when there isn’t ice in one of the arenas. The night we were there, there were 40-50 people that attended and we all had a ball of a time!

While I was struggling to keep my wheels on the ground and my rear off the ground, my parents were whirling around the arena. My dad has some serious swagger on skates! IMG_2606.jpg

The next day, we headed up to Owen Sound to see my sis, bro, sis-in-law, and the most adorable little humans I know (It is possible I am slightly biased in my assessment, but I am pretty sure these guys are objectively adorable!).DSC_5933.jpgDSC_5944.jpgDSC_5953 copy.jpgDSC_5954 copy.jpgDSC_5907.jpg

Two peas in a pod.

A little bit sleepy, perhaps, which calls for one thing…

DSC_5956 copy.jpgICE CREAM!


DSC_5962.jpgDSC_5968.jpg Then to the shore to splash in the FREEZING cold water of Lake Huron, DSC_5999.jpg

soar on the swings,DSC_6014.jpgDSC_5994.jpg

and sneak up on sleepy grandpas.


I had the opportunity to get styled by these artists. As you can see, it was a good look for me. Really accentuated the line of my nose and attempted to tame my unruly mane. IMG_2683.jpg

In a flash, all the jumping on mattresses, playing I Spy, and making as much noise as possible came to an end. All too quickly, my short stay was over, but not before getting to savour a few of those quiet, sweet moments at the end of the day. The best ones that are filled with bedtime stories, snacks, and good-night hugs.DSC_6068.jpgDSC_6069.jpgDSC_6060.jpgDSC_6067.jpg

Good night to my sweet, strange, outlandish, but altogether  incomparable family. Sending you all the love from across the ocean.


A happy family is but an earlier heaven. ~ George Bernard Shaw

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