An afternoon in Oxford

After my longer-than-expected ride yesterday, I skipped out on Caley’s cycling group Saturday ride, choosing to laze in bed. When she returned, we rode to the city centre to explore the quaint streets. Oxford, as you might expect, is beautiful. You can almost taste the prestigious history of this “city of dreaming spires.” Wandering around the parks and streets is a lovely experience, particularly with such a friendly tour guide! [Thanks Caley!] IMG_2993.JPGIMG_2997.JPGIMG_2976.JPGIMG_2989.JPG

You know I can’t travel somewhere without stopping for a cup of coffee. The Missing Bean was bustling (filled with people hiding from the sudden showers). We joined a friendly British couple at their table for a hilarious chat over deliciously crafted americanos. IMG_3002.JPG

This is how Caley drinks beer. Just so natural!

We stopped for a casual drink at The Eagle & Child, which just happens to be the place that C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and Charles William used to hang out to chat, discuss life, and profoundly affect the course of 20th-century literature. You know, NBD. The pub itself was quirky and cool, with some classicly dark interior spaces, with a back room filled with light and art.


I had a super pleasant day in Oxford and will definitely be back to this charming town.


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