A year without shampoo: No-poo?

It has officially been a year since I rather accidentally backed into the ‘no-poo’ (not using shampoo) movement. While I had mentioned my no-poo habit in passing (in my DIY beauty products post), I have been hesitating to write this post, partly because I was scared people would be somewhat repulsed that I never wash … More A year without shampoo: No-poo?

Bits of Bavarian beauty

Here are a few last gems from my trip to Bavaria, which was saturated with moments of breathtaking beauty that were irresistible to my camera lens. From towering forests: Sweeping scenes: Sparkling mountain lakes: And the smallest little details that added sweetness (wild strawberries that I snacked on on my hike) and marvel (giant snails!), and pleasing aromas … More Bits of Bavarian beauty

Hohenfreyberg & Eisenberg castle ruins: Bavaria, Germany

This region of Bavaria is known for Neuschwanstein, however, as mentioned in my last post, Neuschwanstein is actually a modern castle, which was built in the medieval style. It never played a defensive or strategic role. In contrast, the Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg Castles were ACTUAL medieval castles which had tremendous militaristic significance in the 14th through 19th … More Hohenfreyberg & Eisenberg castle ruins: Bavaria, Germany

Fairytale castles and magical mornings

Neuschwanstein Castle It is practically required to head up to see the Disney-inspiring castle when you are in Bavaria.Not only is its physical structure articist, and beautiful, striking in contrast to the harsh rock cliffs, its name is musical – meaning “New Swan Stone” which was taken from one of Wagner’s operas. Built by King Ludwig … More Fairytale castles and magical mornings

Füssen, Germany

After my brief moment in Memmingen, I hopped on a few trains and a bus to get to the charming town of Füssen. Billed as the “Romantic Soul of Bavaria” (due largely to being a terminal city on the Romantic Road route, I presume). Similar to Memmingen, the old city was peppered with lovely pastel buildings, … More Füssen, Germany

Up and down Säuling

Me: “I would like to climb a mountain.” Hostel guy: “A real one?” Me: “Most definitely.” He directed me to check out this one: Säuling. A member of the German Allgäu alps, it summit is 2,074 meters, which belongs to the elite club of some of the highest mountains in the country. Billed as a … More Up and down Säuling