Magical moments at Mont Saint-Michel

DSC_7710DSC_7711One of the highlights of our time in Normandy was the time we spent on the charming island of Mont Saint-Michel, which has been the home of a monastery since the 8th century! While Mont Saint-Michel is a little bit out of the way (but we had a rented car and got to enjoy the curving narrow roads that wove through the pastoral french countryside), once you arrive, there is a huge parking lot, a visitors centre and frequent (and free!) bus service that shuttles the millions of visitors to and from the little island the monastery.

We were kind of excited to be here!IMG_4149It was naturally defensive, as it was accessible at low tide to pilgrims, but the incoming tide would drown would-be assailants, and it remained unconquered in the 100-year war. It later was used as a prison, using these same natural features, which made it difficult to escape.DSC_7759DSC_7877DSC_7728DSC_7730 We picked up the audio tour, all keen to learn things, and wandered around the beautiful UNESCO site.DSC_7724DSC_7723Unfortunately, many of the interesting facts have dropped out of my brain, so I am just going to show you a whole bunch of pretty pictures. First of all, Mont Saint-Michel is in a stunning location and is towering – the buildings clinging to the steep rocks. It was mind-boggling to think of the work that would have gone into building this place. The buildings seem to defy logic and gravity, towering over the tiny island. It was magical to see.  DSC_7760DSC_7777DSC_7727DSC_7926DSC_7728DSC_7900DSC_7754DSC_7742DSC_7733DSC_7819DSC_7832DSC_7717DSC_7906DSC_7837The interior was nothing to scoff at either, and there were many spectacular features inside the buildings as well. DSC_7849DSC_7796DSC_7882DSC_7862DSC_7888DSC_7894DSC_7872IMG_4147Actually, though. That is what it is!DSC_7826It was really cool to explore this place with hundreds of years of history and to enjoy another beautiful day with the Dykxhoorn crew in France. DSC_7923More adventures await!DSC_7705


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