The classiest folk at Versailles

After leaving the charming town of Bayeux, we made our way back to Paris to catch our flight to Nice. On the way, we stopped by Versailles to stroke golden gates and marvel at the symmetry of the French gardens.  DSC_7952Unfortunately, for the keen learners in the crew who have not seen the inside of Versailles, the main buildings are closed on Mondays. IMG_4180However, the gardens are open and free to wander, which was exactly how I wanted to spend this sunny summer day. DSC_7955DSC_7956Some of us have a deep and abiding appreciation for beautiful art and/or butts.

“I like marble butts and I cannot lie…”


Always breaking the rules!


Super large fish populate the lakes of Versailles.

Andrea and I noticed that you could rent rowboats to cruise around one of the perfect lakes. DSC_7983We romantically serenaded each other as we poodled around the pond. It was dreamy. IMG_4185IMG_4166DSC_7996

The trees getting unruly! This crew wrangling them back into perfectly geometric shapes. They even have stencils to ensure all the trees are perfectly uniform.


The staircase to the heavens.
Ol’ Versailles. Just a simple little country house.
Because I am the classiest of ladies, I am able to open a bottle of wine with a lipstick tube. Drinking this beautiful Bordeaux straight from the bottle in the summer heat. Bliss.

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